Pixie Watering Can is a item that can be used on a plant to transform it into a different plant. The Chances of a Pixie Watering Can are: Rare 30% Epic 62% Legendary 8%

Locations Edit

  1. Town Bell: Get two people (One being you) and stand between Olivia and the pole next to her, stand on the other person's head jump onto the entrance overhang where the sign is. Then jump onto the roof climb up and around the bell and get your Watering Can. Or, Hop onto of the boxes and onto the leader board. Jump across to the blue roof and climb up to the Watering can.
  2. Rock Parkour: Go over to where Larry is standing and climb onto the rocks left of the 5 sun sign. You should find some rocks that go in the direction of a Watering Can. Parkour across the rocks to get to the Watering Can.
  3. Town Pedestal: Go into the Town Hall and go behind the pedestal.

15 Plant Zone Edit

  1. Graveyard: Go to tiny graveyard near the first power station. The Watering Can is waiting for you in the middle.
  2. Shop: Buy Water Cans at Stella's Pixie Watering Can shop.
  3. Tree Top: Go over to GNOMOTRON and jump onto Bernard's roof, then jump onto the tree where the Water Can is.
  4. Palm Tree Top: Go behind the second Power Station and jump on the palm tree.

20 Plant Zone Edit

  1. Windmill: Go to back of the left windmill, (the windmill is in the 15 plant zone) you should find a rock platform that you can jump on to enter the windmill.
  2. Pond Log: Go into the pond and under the log.
  3. Hide and Tree: Go to right of entering the 20 plant zone, go down past the windmill and behind the tree.

Trivia Edit

  • There are a total of 10 Pixie Watering Can's to be found as of 2/Jan/2019
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