Olivia is a NPC that stands near the town hall.

Quest Name Quest Rewards
Little Task Collect 50 gold None
Gardening 101 Use your gold to

buy a seed from Catya's

seed stand, Then USE the seed,

1 Pixie Watering Can
Little Task II Collect 500 gold (You may use the

golf while collecting)

500 Gold
"I'm glad you are here with us <Player Name>" '

How do I play? '

"This game plays similar to classic simulators"

"But here seeds turn into little helpers!"

"Try getting 50 gold for starters"


I got the gold

"Wow that was fast!"'

"Now go to Catya's seed stand and buy a seed!"


I got a plant!

"Yay! see how easy it was?"

"Take this small reward for your work"

'Any tips for getting gold faster?

"Hmm... Ah!"

"Have you seen those sunlike signs with numbers?"

"The ones near the farms?"

"They show you the BONUS you get from using them"

"Now try collecting 500 gold"

On my way

I completed the task


"Here is some more gold from me!"

"Hi <Player Name>!"

"Make sure to help everyone to get more rewards!"

"A "!" above someone's head means there's a quest for you!"

I will! Thanks!

Trivia Edit

  • Upon completing all of Olivia's quests Catya will have a "!" above her head, with the option to say "meow".
  • She is half cat and half robloxian.
  • She is one of two NPC's that say the players name (The other being Mayor).