Carry Infinite Sunlight w/o Purchases (Discovered by ZMeow.) Edit

The "Carry Infinite Sunlight w/o Purchases Glitch" allows you to carry infinite sunlight without purchasing anything. (Besides a Sunlight-producing plant.) It is not quite useful but helps you get some more Sunlight. It is quite useful if you happen to recieve a Sunlight-producing plant very early the game. You can AFK Farm Sunlight with that before ROBLOX disconnects you. ZMeow discovered it with a Jug and a Silver Paintbrush. It would be appreciated if someone checked if it works with everything else. I'm quite glad I discovered this! Gonna be a while before the creator knows about this Wiki and fixes this glitch. I encourage more glitches to be found. Good luck!

Get Anyone Inside Another Area (Discovered by ZMeow.) Edit

This glitch is very handy if you want more quests sunlight or anything in that area. You do require a few people to do this. It takes two players to get up a single area. A way to get up even farther is to have one player having access to a single area or more. A pretty nice glitch.

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