Catya is a NPC that sells Magic Seed's, at her seed Stand left of the Town Hall. Once you've completed all of Olivia's quests you will have the option to say "Meow" to her prompting some dialogue and a quest listed below.

Seed Number Cost
1 50 Gold
2 119 Gold
3 269 Gold
4 573 Gold
5 1,100 Gold
21 216,000 Gold
22 330,000 Gold

"Meow" Dialogue


"Can I help you meow?"



Meow Mew


"Mee mee Meow"

"Meow meeow"

"Mew mew meow"

"Meow meow meow mee"

"Mew meow mee~~"

Meow? Meow.

"You are mee blush!"

"Here, take this as a small welcome reward!


Requirement Quest Name Quest Rewards
Complete all of Olivia's

quests and say "Meow"

Meow's Meowie Meow~ 250 Gold

Trivia Edit

  • While talking to Catya in the "Meow" Dialogue, you actually gain and complete her quest!
  • She is half Cat and half Robloxian.
  • Meow mee~~ meow meow mew!
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