Bernard can be located near the first Power Station balancing on his fence. Near Bernard's house is a tree with a Pixie Watering Can that can be accessed via multiple methods.

About Quest Edit

Quest Name Quest Rewards
Bringing the Balance Give 100000 Gold to Bernard to restore

balance to his wallet.

1 Silver Seed1 Pixie Watering Can

1 Mystic Sap

"Everything requires balance"

"You can balance things too"

"You know what else requires balance?"


"My wallet"

"Please get me 100,000 gold"

Wait Why?

"It'll be worth is trust me"

If you say so

[Insert dialogue]

Trivia. Edit

  • Bernard's House contains a picture of "Niko", the protagonist of the game Oneshot.
  • Bernard's House also contains a worn out light-bulb behind the bed.
  • Bernard is carrying a guitar on his back.